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Sir Robert Cecilís Men perform specially adapted plays based on the works of renaissance playwrights such as Shakespeare, Marlowe and Johnson. All of these plays are our own adaptations, staged in our own unique way.

Robert Cecilís have presented plays in a number of historical settings to considerable praise, including:
~ Framlingham Castle
~ Kenilworth Castle
~ Greenwich Henry VIII Festival
~ Scarborough Castle
~ Kelmarsh Festival of History

All of our stage performances last around 30 minutes.

As a special treat, why not commission Sir Robert Cecilís to perform a Shakespearean Murder Mystery or Spy Catching Evening?

Midsummer Nightís Comedy ~ Richard III ~ Hamlet ~ The Gunpowder Treason ~ Henry V ~ Romeo & Juliet

Get Involved!
~ Join the audience and hiss the villain.
~ Join the army and experience drill at the hands of grizzled veterans.
~ Become an actor and take part in the play; we are always looking for volunteers, particularly for the Herald of the French in Henry V!
~ Try your hand at Elizabethan Intrigue.
~ Play one of the period games - are you skilled enough to beat our actors?

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